Recipe: Yummy Chicken Tinola

Chicken Tinola. Tinola is traditionally cooked with wedges of unripe papaya and malunggay leaves. These components make it a good source of nutrients. The secret in making a good tinola is to simmer the chicken for longer periods of time.

Chicken Tinola How to Cook Chicken Tinola Saute the garlic, onion and ginger in hot oil. Add chicken and cook until browned. Tinola, a comforting chicken soup seasoned with plenty of ginger and garlic, has countless variations throughout the Philippines. You can cook Chicken Tinola using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken Tinola

  1. You need 1/4 of kilo chicken.
  2. Prepare of Chayote or Papaya.
  3. You need leaves of Chilli.
  4. It’s of Onion (sliced).
  5. It’s of Garlic (minced).
  6. Prepare of Ginger (julienned).
  7. Prepare of Salt.
  8. You need of Pepper.
  9. It’s of Fish sauce.
  10. Prepare cubes of Knorr chicken.

The soup calls for malunggay leaves (aka moringa), which can be found fresh or frozen at Asian markets. Bok choy is a good substitute. The Chicken Tinola, otherwise known as 'Tinolang Manok' in the Philippines, is a clear chicken soup that is well-seasoned with ginger and garlic – making it the perfect dish for rainy days and cold weather. The Chicken Tinola is a quick, tasty and refreshing recipe if you want to try something new in the kitchen!

Chicken Tinola step by step

  1. Saute garlic, onion, ginger..
  2. Add chicken, fry until turned slightly brown..
  3. Add fish sauce. Then add water and chicken cubes. Let it simmer until chicken is tender..
  4. Add the chayote. Cover for 5mins..
  5. Add the chilli leave. Season with salt and pepper. Serve..

Tinolang Manok is the ultimate comfort food! Made of chicken, green papaya, fresh spinach, and a ginger-flavored broth, this Filipino soup is hearty, healthy, and tasty. Tinolang Manok (Chicken Tinola) How amazing it is to be human. Chicken tinola, or tinolang manok in Tagalog, is translated to chicken stew or soup. While it's fairly different from chicken adobo, chicken tinola is also a popular comfort food.

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